August 10, 2020

Podcaster: Kristine Smith
Native of Oakland, CA
Host of the Got InSpiration Podcast
Launched: August 3, 2020

Mantra: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

What inspired you to start a podcast? 
I wanted to hear podcasts hosted by black women or women of color. 

Tell us about your podcast. 
Got InSpiration is just that.  A podcast in which I speak to people who are regular everyday people doing extraordinary things.  They are making and impact in what they do and their voice needs to be heard.


How are you using your voice to inspire, empower or educate others? 
I am exposing others to real life situations and showing how people have overcome and or achieved.  Hearing these stories will hopefully impact and motivate someone else to make an impact too.

Tell us about one of your favorite episodes. 
As a new podcaster, I have interviewed five people so far.  The first episode has been released.  Each of the interviews have been so unique because everyone’s story is so different.  Because only one has been released, I will say that my first interview is my favorite so far.  My guest shared her intimate story of going through cancer right now during COVID-19 and it’s powerful. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a podcaster so far? 
My biggest accomplishment is getting started finishing the program offered by Kimberly Sumpter Podcasting Essential for Beginners.  It truly got me grounded and the support was tremendous.  I had interviewed five people before my launch and for that I am grateful.

Where do you envision seeing your podcast a year from now? 
One year from now, I will have had twenty four episodes air.  I want to be a regular dose of inspiration for people.  I want them to look forward to hearing Got InSpiration.  I also want to have sponsors for my show.

Who would be a dream guest and why? 
Debbie Allen would be a dream guest for me.  I have loved her since being a little girl and she inspires me so and is an inspiration to so many.


Name a few of the podcasts that you have in your rotation that are hosted by women of color? 
I have recently just discovered Kingdom Driven Podcast, Blessed + Bossed Up, Unbossed and of course I just discovered new podcasts being a part of the amazing Podcasting for Essentials community with Kimberly Sumpter.  I also listen to Sistahs Connect and all of the podcasts that my cohort sisters just launched.

Aside from podcasting, what are you most passionate about? 
I have owned my Dance Studio since May 2002 and making a positive difference in the lives of others that I touch and using the performing arts as a vehicle is part of my DNA.
How do you define success?  Success is first being at one with yourself.  Success is knowing that I have fulfilled my dash, fulfilled my life purpose.  My spiritual life, family life, and business are all in balance.

Describe your personal vibe in one word?  Determined

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