Hello! I'm Kimberly Sumpter, podcaster, coach and mentor. Since launching the Sistah's Connect podcast in January 2019, I’ve been featured on the Podcast Business Journal, Libsyn.com, Izzy & Liv and Authority Magazine.  The exposure has allowed me to connect with listeners from all around the world. I created the Podcasting Essentials for Beginners course to help content creators, aspiring storytellers and people just like you to develop and launch a podcast with ease. Podcasting is a booming medium and all that's missing is your voice. Let me help you to navigate through the process of creating your very own successful podcast as you focus on amplifying your unique message! 

As a woman of color, you have excelled in your area and have gone above and beyond for our cohort. You did not half ass this process at all. Because of your character and stance, you stood right there with us leading and guiding us all the way to the finish line. 


I have never in my life taken a course where the instructor gets right down in the work with you to ensure that you are on target even when her own plate is so full. Each of the tasks in the Podcasting Essentials For Beginners course were spelled out in terms that you could easily understand. Kim's patience was always at the maximum level. She is a woman of her word and it showed every single morning when she posted messages inside our virtual classroom. She didn't just teach us about how to create a podcast, she instilled in us values and lessons that will carry us through our new journey as podcasters.

Detras Powell - Butterfly Rhythm Podcast

Featured Clients

Simeko Hartley

Gail Ferguson Jones
Buttrfly Effect

The Buttrfly Effect shares stories of recovery from codependency for individuals and families living with the dysfunction of a loved one's struggle with drug, alcohol or other addictions. Each episode focuses on life transformation, self-love, emotional healing and personal empowerment.

Chrishan Wright

Blaxit Global is a podcast that will chronicle Chrishan's journey, as she begins to lay the foundation for her new life abroad and feature conversations with trailblazing Black expats who are changing the game and making their dreams a reality.

Angela Brooks-Wright

Sharing In Your Journey Podcast

Sharing In Your Journey features practical biblical teachings that will show you how the Word of God can be applied to your life. If you desire to learn more about God, obtain Biblical Foundations and Spiritual Formation, then you’ve found the perfect podcast. 

The Natural 2 Natural Podcast is dedicated to bringing women together to connect, share, and cultivate a love for our beautiful kinky, coily, curly textured hair. It also provides advice and tips from passionate hair care experts, to guide them on their natural hair journey.

Client Testimonials

In all of my life, I have never had a teacher who was so passionate about making sure I succeed as Kim has been. Before taking her Podcasting Essentials For Beginners course, I read a testimonial from another client that said "Kim pours into you" and I have come to experience that this is truly an understatement. She diligently and tirelessly, works beyond the call of duty to see that you have all the essentials needed to succeed as a new podcaster.

Roslyne Johnson
Self-Care Queens Podcast

From the beginning to the end, Kimberly provided a well designed program, assigning tasks that ultimately culminated in me launching my podcast, Self Care Queens. Kimberly's knowledge and experience, paired with her nurturing spirit made it practically impossible for me to fail. she truly believes in her students and stressed the importance of me sharing my voice with the world. Her podcast coaching is EVERYTHING!  Thank you again for pushing me across the finish line!

Gail Ferguson Jones
Buttrfly Effect Podcast

Kimberly Sumpter is a stellar instructor who leads aspiring podcasters from A to Z in the learning and production process of creating a podcast. She has inspired, encouraged and built our confidence, and was generous with her time  by making herself available for one-on-one guidance. Kimberly leaves no question unanswered and is a joy to work with. I can’t thank her enough for providing such a wonderful opportunity for my professional growth and business expansion. 

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